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Policies & Rules

Attendance Policy:

Students must call, email or text instructor if they have planned or unplanned absence.  All clock hours missed must be made up at the instructor and institutions next available time in order to be granted certification and complete the course successfully.  Greater than 25% absence results in dismissal of student without refund of tuition. 


Tardiness Policy:

Students are expected to arrive at the Academy early enough to put away their personal belongings and be in class at start time.  Tardiness reduces the instructional time of the student who is late, as well as causing an interruption which results in loss of instructional quality and time for all the students in the class.  Punctuality is a practice valued by business and society; students should be trained in this practice while in school. Tardiness of more than 3 times will result in possible dismissal and forfeiture of tuition.


Student Withdrawal:

Students can withdraw from enrolled course with a pro rata refund within the first 3 days of the course.  The student must submit a written letter of intent to drop the course within the first 3 days of class.  After the “drop period” has ended the student can withdraw from class but will not receive a refund.  


Employment Placement:

Although The KC Grooming Academy will attempt to help find employment for graduates from the program, we cannot guarantee employment.  The grooming industry is expanding and in most cases, jobs are readily available for competent groomers.


Class Cancelations:

The KC Grooming Academy will post cancelations on our website due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.  Any class/clock hours missed will be added on to the end of the scheduled course time.  If the class is postponed in the “drop period” the “drop period” will be extended to make sure the student has a full 3 day window.


Course Content Changes:

Class content could be changed based on student’s aptitude and ability proven by testing.  The cost of tools needed will not exceed the $650 fee for initial kit.



Tuition is expected for courses enrolled in with submission of Registration Form

  • payment can be made by credit card or check.

Tuition is subject to change due to increased costs and expenses.


Credit for transfers from another grooming institution will be assessed by advanced standing examinations, both written and practical exam. 



Student Dismissal: 

A student may be dismissed from the program without refund of tuition for failure to complete required clock hours and/or prove competency in objectives learned, misconduct or dishonesty which may include:

  • stealing

  • disruptive behavior,

  • abusive behavior such as verbal harassment, consistent profanity or vulgarity

  • physical abuse of another

  • intimidation or stalking another member of the program

  • illegal drug use or underage drinking

  • vandalism, graffiti, or defacing college or personal property in any other way

  • possession of weapons on institution property

  • lying to professors or other institution officials

  • cheating on tests or assignments, including plagiarism

  • citing fake data or results for research experiments; inventing research, data or results for work that was not done; falsely claiming resources not used as a reference

  • providing false information on applications, financial aid documentation, or other paperwork

  • forgery, tampering, or misrepresenting yourself

  • smoking or vaping on institutions property (this is a smoke free environment)

  • any conduct deemed by a KC Grooming Academy instructor or staff to be misconduct or inappropriate behavior


General Student Policy:

Cell phone usage retained for breaks during class and lunch time

No smoking or vaping on premises

No pictures to be taken of dogs/models


Grading System:

  • Students will be assessed based on meeting minimum clock hours for each level

  • Students will be assessed by written review tests completion of clock hours

  • Students will be assessed by ability to competently perform objectives learned through each level

In order to satisfactorily complete and earn the Certificate students must attain all three criteria of assessment per level.


Student Grievances Procedure:

The KC Grooming Academy recognizes that throughout the course of time at the academy, some students may encounter issues they feel are not being adequately addressed. Students should always contact the Academy Administrator (Dr. Jena Kittle) at as the first step in attempting to resolve a potential issue or complaint. The academy distinguishes between complaints or concerns and grievances by the gravity of the issue and a student’s prior efforts to resolve it. 


·What is a grievance?

The Academy defines a grievance as a serious issue that a student has tried to resolve through the normal channels of inquiry, but for which the student is not satisfied with the outcome and seeks review at a higher organizational level. The Academy has established the following process to address grievances, but requests that students first review the KC Grooming Academy Rules & Regulations to ensure they understand applicable Academy policy before submitting a grievance. 

Issues submitted through email will be reviewed and response will be sent directly to the student. Students who have submitted a grievance via the email address listed above will receive a response within 30 days dependent upon the nature of the issue and the effort required to obtain the information required to address it.

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